How To Give Your Partner an Amazing Sexual Experience

Sex is a very important part of every couple’s relationship. Some bad relationships even survive longer than they should because of a good sex life. But often really good relationships can be broken up by a bad sex life. And partners have to remember that it is about both people getting amazing sexual pleasure, it cannot be one-sided. But if you truly care about your partner then pleasuring them is something that should turn you on anyway. Below are some tips for making sure that you both enjoy your sexual experiences together.


This is a very, very important aspect of achieving real sexual pleasure, especially for females. While women can be just as horny as men, their bodies still may not react quickly and need proper stimulation. And what guy doesn’t LOVE a blowjob? Taking the time to orally pleasure your partner is a sign of your want and desire for them to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. And this isn’t something that should only be done every so often, but done practically every time you have a sexual encounter. Other great foreplay options are sucking on each other’s nipples, kissing sensitive areas, tickling, or even things like whipping if you are into BDSM.

Sensual Massage

Touch is a very important part of developing and maintaining strong intimacy with your partner. Try massaging each other’s bodies to release stress as well as turn each other on. This should be done skin-to-skin and you can try massage oils, though they are not necessary.

Listen to Each Other

Make sure that you know what your partner wants and needs. And also make sure that your partner knows what you want and need. You two cannot give each other maximum sexual pleasure if you do not know what the other one wants or needs to achieve it.

Try new things

Do not be afraid to try new things. This could be a trying a new sexual position, or using sex toys. If you are adventurous you could even try anal sex, which can be amazing when done properly and with care. Certain BDSM activities are also something that can be very romantic and exciting if done properly. However, make sure to do some research before trying things that could be complicated or require certain knowledge to pull off properly.

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