July 2020

Are you thinking about changing your relationship status from single to married? That was one of the first things that went through my head when Andy asked me to marry me. At the time, I had been working for London escorts for 7 years. Although I was still getting a kick out of London escorts, I wanted to change my lifestyle. Like so many other London escorts, I was tired of coming home to an empty flat. But, was getting married the right thing to do?

Andy had been into dating London escorts for a long time. I realised that his approach to marriage may be less than traditional and I was right. A traditional relationship was indeed the last thing Andy was looking for when he asked me to marry him. Instead he wanted me to enter into an open marriage with him. He would be free to sleep with others and I could carry on working for London escorts.

On the surface of it, it sounded great, but from my experience working at London escorts, I had realised that open marriages do not normally work out. More than one girl from our London escorts agency had fallen foul of the open marriage concept. As I did not want to end up as another statistic, I decided to think long and hard about what Andy was proposing. In many ways, it sounded like he wanted to have his cake and eat it. Would that work for me? That was the question I wanted an answer to.

At the end of the day, I think that a marriage is about commitment. Do you get that when you enter into an open marriage? I am not sure that when you decide to get married on an “open basis” that you are really committed to each other. Sure, it sounds great and may even sound like you trust each other. However, I have come across too many relationship disasters relating to open marriages and open relationships at London escorts to be sure. None of the relationships had ever lasted for any length of time.

I knew that I would be happy to leave London escorts to settle down, but I would not want to leave London escorts for an open marriage. When you get married, I think that you need to be 100% truly committed to each other, and I could not see that happening in our relationship. Not only was Andy seriously hooked on dating London escorts, but he was also into sex parties and had a swinging partner. It made me wonder what he was truly looking for – perhaps he just wanted another sexual partner in his life?

Anyway, I decided to turn down Andy’s proposal of marriage. He promised faithfully that he would come to see me again, but that never happened. Since that day I have not seen him, and I guess that goes to prove that commitment was not really part of the picture.

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